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We’re shaping a generation of successful and resilient global citizens, who leave our schools with everything they need for success – whatever they choose to be or do in life.


We are an international, bilingual school in Dalian, educating students from ages 3-17 years old. With a combined staff of Chinese and international teachers, state of the art facilities and the latest technology, we create a unique learning experience for your child. Blending the best of the East and West, your child will be given the tools to enjoy education and succeed on a global level.

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Our Mission
Dalian Huamei School facilitates a challenging, collaborative, and responsive learning environment that develops student intellect, character, and health. At DHS, every learner strives to achieve personal excellence and contributes to the global community.
Our Story
Established in 2010, Dalian Huamei School provides bilingual education in grades 1 to 12 for full-time Chinese students.
About Us | Dalian Huamei School - Feature Cards

In 2004, in order to attract more foreign investors, the government of Dalian Development Area (DDA) initiated a proposal to establish local international schools and formed 3 delegation teams to visit the Honor Roll School in the US. The same year Intel Corporation was seeking an optimal location for their fab in China. Before sending expats to China, the company had to ensure that its employees would have access to a high caliber International School that can serve a multinational community, so that its students can matriculate back into the top tier schools in their home countries.

In 2005, Lisa Liang, Intel Corporation, and International School Services, an international nonprofit organization, teamed up to launch DAIS. A decision was reached that a school similar in philosophy and quality as that of the Houston Honor Roll School was to be established in the DDA. A state-of-the-art school equipped with leading-edge computers and technologies was constructed in the Golden Pebble Beach Resort in the suburbs of Dalian to serve the children of foreign nationals living in the surrounding area.

The school opened its doors in October 2006 with only 7 international students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The international student community at DAIS has grown every year, and today the school has a total enrollment of more than 300 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. Most parents of the children attending DAIS are employed by multi-national corporations operating in the DDA.

In 2010, the Dalian Huamei School (DHS), a grade 9-12 boarding high school for Chinese nationals was founded. In the spring of 2018, the Dalian Huamei Bilingual School (DHBS) was also established which offers a 1st through 9th grade compulsory Chinese education taught in the Chinese language in addition to western courses taught in English. This unique structural design allows the international students to engage and integrate with the Chinese culture, while the Chinese students interact and work alongside their international counterparts, forming an inter-connected global community. In 2014, the DHS was awarded the “Best Feature International School” at the English Education Industry Annual Conference in Beijing.

In the fall of 2020, DAIS/DHS joined the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family of schools, China’s longest standing international education provider. This partnership allows all DAIS and DHS students the opportunity to participate in Nord Anglia’s global programs, and to connect and learn with other students around the world through unique experiences and curricula, including partnerships with some of the world’s leading organizations such as UNICEF, Juilliard and MIT. DAIS has also maintained its affiliation with International School Services. DAIS and DHS now enroll more than 700 students representing some 30 nations and rank among the best international schools in China.

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Our Vision
Dalian Huamei School bridges the educational experiences of international and Chinese national students in an attractive, well-resourced and up-to-date educational facility. Building upon our rich local history, culture and beautiful natural environment, we inspire students to be leaders serving local and global communities.
About Us | Dalian Huamei School - Feature Cards
Our Vision

Through collaboration, the application of learned knowledge and skills, and reflection, students solve authentic problems inside and outside the school walls, thereby developing an appreciation for diverse points of view, respect for each other as unique individuals, and (his or her own) personal excellence.

Our students and graduates are systematic problem-solvers who apply their knowledge and skills in designing innovative solutions to local and global issues. They are critical and creative thinkers and lifelong learners, who are prepared to graduate from high-quality educational institutions and pursue meaningful career opportunities. Most importantly, their community sees them as compassionate, ethical, and socially responsible.


We’re proud to say that our students achieve excellent academic results and go on to attend their first-choice universities. But that’s just part of the story because our education is much more than academic achievement.

We help our students to think outside the box in a creative and innovative learning environment. Our highly qualified teaching staff encourage them to have a positive attitude to solving problems through our, modern approach to learning and academic rigor. In addition to our Heritage Track, we offer a tailored bilingual education through our premium, bespoke Becoming Bilingual program.
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Here’s what parents in our community say about Dalian Huamei School: 
Grade 7 parent
Beijing, China
“Andy’s growth at our school really moved me. In the past two years, Andy has gained self-confidence, perseverance, independence. He likes to help others and he became more responsible. It’s hard for us parents to believe but our child has grown up! We picked the right school!” 
Parent of a 2019 graduate
Dalian, China
“DHS is a great community with caring staff and parents and excellent educators who care about the students and give them the attention and tools they need to learn and excel.” 
Parent of two kids (G2 & G6)
Shenyang, China
"The most important thing for my children's education is holding their childishness. my two kids are simple and kind after joining DHS. They are very happy every day. I sincerely hope that DHS will become better and better and cultivate more outstanding talents for the world!"
Parent of a 2021 graduate
Liaoning Province, China
“The greatest skills that DHS has given the students are independence, self-confidence, and a spirit of self-initiative. As medical personnel, my husband and I needed to be in Beijing for over a year and a half during the Covid Pandemic. Without us, our daughter successfully got accepted by a total of 6 universities (3 of which have scholarships) including her first choice. The credit goes to the school and people at school.“


Exceptional teachers make exceptional schools, and our educators are some of the very best. We believe this job is the most important job in the world. The teachers are the school.

Passionate about inspiring young minds and helping students thrive, our teachers never stop learning through local and global, continuous professional development programs – something that attracts talent both in China and from around the world. Discover how to join our school family.
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